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Evolang 2012 at Kyoto (I)

Posted by: Celia Alba on: 03/31/2012

Have you ever had a somehow longer-than-usual hangover and waken up in an unusual place? Well, that’s what has happened to us. Since New Year’s Eve, we know nothing of the world and the world knows nothing of us. And then, suddenly, after a well deserved farewell party to 2011, we open up our eyes and ¡bang!… we are in Japan: at Kyoto.

As we were there all the same, we took the opportunity to assist to Evolang, the international conference on the evolution of language held every two years. We learned a lot, we met a lot of interesting people, we tryed (without succeding) to master the ancient art of eating with chopsticks and we had tons of joy with the excellence and sophistication of trickle toilets.

Also, we interviewed some of the speakers at the conference.

First, we asked them “which is the single most important advance in the field in the last few years?”.

This video has the answers of Cedric Boeckx, Simon Kirby, Massimo Piattelli-Palmarini, Kazuo Okanoya, Simon Fisher, Anna Maria di Sciullo, Antonio Benítez-Burraco, Charles Yang, Lluís Barceló i Coblijn, Koji Fujita, Víctor Longa, Jenny Saffran, Aritz Irurtzun, Joana Rosselló, Mauricio Martins, Bart de Boer, Denis Bouchard, Russell Gray, and James Hurford.

It is a privilege to have them all together in Sintaxi de Butxaca. Thanks! Don’t skip this, because there are answers to suit all tastes.

Sayonara, babies!

2 Responses to "Evolang 2012 at Kyoto (I)"

congratulations! this is very cool and I enjoyed thoroughly!
keep it up,

Thanks for your support!

We felt really lucky for being able to listen to so many interesting people. That you find the results interesting too is a huge bonus.

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